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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance coverage can help to protect both you and your employees after a work-related injury or illness. For the employee, workers compensation provides medical care, lost wages and more. For the employer, workers compensation provides peace of mind by helping your business avoid expensive civil litigation and providing support to injured employees to help them recover and return to work.

Why Marshall Insurance for Workers Comp?

  • Flexible Solutions – Marshall’s flexible solutions are adapted to your organization’s unique needs, and can deliver the specific capabilities most likely to positively impact your circumstance.
  • Responsive & Reliable Service – Our responsive and reliable service allows you to focus on your organization’s success rather than responding to something that’s gone wrong.
  • Innovative Resources – We continually invest in innovative resources to stay ahead of workers compensation risks, enhancing our customers’ operations and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions*

Who needs workers compensation insurance?

In most states, employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance – even for temporary or seasonal workers.

How much does workers compensation insurance cost?

Workers compensation insurance rates may vary based on factors such as a company’s state, payroll and claim history. Marshall Insurance can customize insurance programs and offers competitive pricing

How are workers compensation insurance quotes calculated?

A workers compensation insurance quote is calculated by evaluating many factors including your location, the size of your payroll and your claim history. Exact costs will vary based on each insurance company, but there is some consistency in how they work together to generate a price for your business. Having workers compensation insurance with the same insurance company as other coverages can help reduce coverage gaps and protect your business.

Workers compensation policy quotes are predominately based on a rate charged per $100 of payroll. These rates can vary depending on your state, the type of work your employees perform, and your business’s claims history. The type of work employees perform determines the Workers Compensation Classification Code rate. Different types of work are charged different rates. States provide the basis for rates by classification code.

Your business’ insurance claims history helps determine your Experience Modification. The rating bureaus calculate the Experience Modification for eligible businesses, the use of which is mandatory on workers compensation policies. Better than average claims history may generate a modification factor below 1.00, and worse than average claims history may generate a modification factor greater than 1.00.

Is all workers compensation coverage the same?

Because coverage is statutory, many may think that all workers compensation coverage is the same. Coverage can be similar state to state however, there can be vast differences between insurance carriers especially when it comes to industry expertise, claims handling and service capabilities and the level of risk management training and support they provide customers.

What doesn’t workers’ compensation cover?

In addition to injuries that occur outside of work, injuries that occur intentionally, while commuting to and from work, or due to intoxication or substance abuse wouldn’t be covered by workers’ compensation.

Who is covered by workers’ compensation?

It varies based on where your business operates. For example, certain types of employees, such as seasonal workers, may not be covered by workers’ compensation in some states.

Does a sole proprietor need workers’ compensation?

Not usually. While workers compensation laws vary from state-to-state, most states don’t require sole proprietors to carry workers’ comp.

Are contractors and volunteers covered under workers’ comp?

Depending on the state, contractors and volunteers can be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they’re injured or become ill on the job. Marshall Insurance can help answer any state-specific workers’ compensation questions you have.

*Coverages and options may not be applicable to all carriers.

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