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RV, Camper, Trailer Insurance

Whether you use your recreational vehicle for fun or as a full-time residence—the best RV insurance coverage protects your unique needs. Get an RV insurance quote from Marshall and we’ll help you build a custom policy that covers your motorhome or travel trailer in almost any situation. Get started now and hit the road with confidence.


Types of RV Insurance Coverage

Class A Motorhomes

The largest type of motorhome, ranging form 21-40 feet in length

Class B Motorhomes

The smallest type of motorhome, commonly known as “camper vans”

Class C Motorhomes

Mid-sized RVs ranging from 20 – 30 feet in lenth, also known as “mini-motorhomes”

Cargo & Horse Trailers

Large, enclosed trailers used for transporting horses, vehicles, and other cargo

Conventional Trailers

Large, enclosed trailers used for transporting horses, vehicles, and other cargo

5th Wheel Trailers

These trailers feature a raised front section, providing more living space

Pop Up Campers

Smaller camping trailers built with collapsible walls for easier towing

Truck Campers

A type of RV where the living space sites in the bed of a pickup truck

Utility Campers

Smaller trailers designed to carry ATVs, boats, equipment, and other light cargo

Customized and Affordable RV Insurance*


If you currently have a home, renters, condo, auto, boat or motorcycle policy with Marshall Insurance, you may earn additional savings when you add RV insurance.

Responsible Driver

We reward safe drivers. You’ll earn a discount if you’ve driven ticket- and accident-free for the past three years.

Quote In Advance

Earn a discount simply for quoting RV insurance with Marshall Insuracne at least one day before your actual policy starts. For example: Quote on April 1, and start your policy April 2 or later.

Pay In Full

Just pay your policy in full (all at once), and we’ll pay you back with a discount.


Own a home, including a condo, townhouse, duplex, single- or double-wide? You’ll own another discount just for being a homeowner.

Original Onwner

Are you the original owner of your motorhome or travel trailer? If so, you’ll collect a discount as long as you carry comprehensive and collision coverage.


Opt to receive your documents via email and we’ll kick in a discount.

Some of Our Coverages*

Total Loss Replacement

We’ll replace your totaled travel trailer or motorhome with a brand new one, minus your deductible, so long as your RV is five model years old or less. If your RV is older than five model years, you’ll receive the amount specified in your policy.

Example: If your totaled RV originally cost $55,000, but is only worth $45,000 today, we’ll pay to replace it with the same model year or later and the same trim level or better—even if it costs more than the original vehicle’s purchase price.

Replacement Cost/Personal Effects

Personal property inside your motorhome or travel trailer is covered up to the limits you specify.

Example: You accidently back your trailer into a picnic table, damaging your cell phone and tablet. Your policy can pay to replace the items up to the limits of your policy.

Emergency Expense

If your RV is disabled due to a covered incident and you’re more than 50 miles from your residence, we’ll cover your resulting transportation and lodging costs up to $750 (you may upgrade your coverage to $2000).

Example: You’re more than 100 miles from home when an accident on the highway damages and disables your RV. We’ll help pay for your hotel and rental car costs, up to the limits of your policy, while your RV is being repaired.

*Coverages and options may not be applicable to all carriers.

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