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Construction Insurance

From bidding on and successfully completing construction jobs that achieve acceptable margins to hiring and training employees in an increasingly hard-to-find labor market, contractors face demanding and complex challenges as they strive to build and maintain successful construction businesses.

Our Industry Expertise

There are many types of risks that can threaten the success of your project and overall business. These projects range from contractual and surety needs to environmental exposures, to site security. Now is the time to work with an insurer with a deep understanding of, and commitment to the construction industry.

We’ll leverage our expertise, work with you to uncover potential pitfalls others may have missed and provide construction insurance solutions that will help you get ahead of risk.

Construction Products*

Our construction insurance products and services are designed to meet contractors’ unique and challenging exposures. By dedicating Underwriting, Claim and Risk Control resources to understanding your industry, we developed a team of experts committed to meeting your insurance needs.

Managing Construction Risk*

Working alongside contractors’ construction risk management teams, our insurers track frequent loss trends across the industry. Here are some of the insights they’ve collected and tools they’ve developed to help contractors manage construction risk and its associated costs.

Trained Skilled Labor

A lack of skilled labor can affect the overall safety of a construction company. Cranes are among the most expensive, critical and dangerous pieces of equipment on a construction site and they require specialized training. Our insurers have a nationally recognized crane operator training program for contractors, operators, safety and management staff.

Use Technology To Manage Risk

A prime example of how technology can help put appropriate safeguards in place before work begins is with one of our insurer’s ground vibration estimation tool. It allows contractors to identify areas on and around worksites that may be susceptible to damage from vibrations caused by construction equipment. It measures peak particle velocities during activities such as pile driving, compaction and earth moving to help prevent potential problems. Sometimes, despite precautions taken, allegations are made by surrounding property owners that ongoing work is causing damage. Gathering the facts early and leveraging our construction Claim professionals’ experience in the industry can help mitigate loss costs.

Manage Rising Medical Costs

Early intervention strategies can help contain medical costs for injured workers. A predictor model identifies an injured worker’s likelihood of experiencing chronic pain using weighted indicators at key points during the life of a claim. This provides opportunities for intervention on construction claims. This proactive claim management helps get the injured worker the treatment they need so that they can return to work as soon as medically appropriate and avoid potential opioid misuse.

Promote Worker Safety

Proper onboarding and training can help retain skilled labor and keep employees safer and more engaged on the job. Our insurer’s safety professionals work with contractors to assess their unique risks, such as the loss of critical employees. With the shortage of skilled labor, construction safety practices, including onboarding and providing continuous training, can help keep employees safe and foster deeper engagement on the job.

Evaluate Auto Risk

Given the complexity of site operations, contractors don’t often recognize the impact auto-related losses can have on their cost of risk. Over-the-road exposures for construction workers driving on company business are significant. Learn how to assess risks on the road, such as distracted driving, as well as other fleet management practices.

Evaluate Contract Risk

Analyzing risk-shifting provisions in construction contracts is important to managing risk. Our insurers can help manage risks through our contractual risk transfer approach. It helps our customers identify the risk-shifting provisions in construction contracts and mitigate risks associated with hiring subcontractors.

*Coverages and options may not be applicable to all carriers.

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