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Collector & Classic Car Insurance

Your classic isn’t just a car. That’s why your classic car insurance policy isn’t just a standard car insurance policy. Instead, it’s a much different policy that’s built just for your classic and includes more specialized coverages. And your classic or collector car insurance policy may actually cost less than a standard auto policy.*



Commonly Asked Questions About Collector & Classic Car Insurance Coverage*

How old does my car have to be before it’s considered a classic?

The age range of a classic car is often between 25–50 years old. However, there is no definitive age that makes a car a classic. Different states have different requirements for defining a vehicle as a classic, which may factor in age, weight, usage, or manufacturing.

Where do I have to store my classic car?

In order to qualify for classic car insurance, you must have adequate storage available. An enclosed structure such as a private garage or storage unit is preferred, but carports, driveways, and other storage areas may also be acceptable.

How often can I use my classic car?

Your classic car cannot be your everyday car. It should be for occasional use only. Taking your car out for pleasure driving, exhibitions, tours, and similar trips is acceptable.

Does my driving record impact my classic car insurance?

Yes. In many states, you may not qualify for classic auto insurance if you’ve had excessive speeding violations, reckless driving, and other serious infractions in the last three years.

Do I have to have another car insured with Marshall?

No, but you will need to maintain an insurance policy on your regular-use vehicle in addition to your classic car insurance policy.

What makes a car a classic?

The exact definition may vary among classic car insurance companies, but we define them as “fun-to-drive” vehicles that maintain or appreciate in value and are used primarily for pleasure. A few examples:

  • 1965 Ford Mustang
  • 1975 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 1980 Chevrolet Corvette

If your car is not a classic, you can still be insured. But, you’ll need a standard auto policy with Marshall Insurance instead.

How does collector or classic car insurance differ from regular auto insurance?

One of the key differences between classic and regular car insurance is that a regular policy may cover you only for the actual cash value of your classic car.

What Does A Classic Car Insurance Policy Cover?*

Damages to your classic car

Physical damage coverage: Regular car insurance generally covers your car up to its actual cash value, which includes depreciation. Classic car insurance, however, specializes in covering your vehicle’s agreed value, which means you’ll never sweat depreciation. Instead, you’ll receive every cent of your car’s insured value if your vehicle is stolen or totaled.

Damages/injuries you cause

Liability coverage: Classic car insurers will provide at least the minimum liability required by your state. Our Classic Car Insurance generally matches the amount of liability coverage on your everyday auto policy.

Most classic car insurers will not offer liability-only policies. Additionally, race and non-street legal vehicles normally won’t be eligible for liability coverage

Disabled vehicle

Roadside assistance: Classic car insurers normally offer the option to purchase full-service roadside programs featuring flatbed towing with soft straps. Optional roadside assistance includes:

  • Towing to the nearest repair facility
  • Pulling your stuck car out of mud, snow, water, or sand if you’re within 100 feet from a maintained public road (called winching)
  • Battery jump-start
  • Fuel delivery (you only pay the cost of fuel)
  • Lockouts
  • Flat tire changes

Collector & Classic Car Insurance Features*

Guaranteed Value® Coverage To Insure Your Classic’s Real Value

If you do have a covered total loss, you’ll get every single cent of your car’s insured value.†(See Disclosure) No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle. When you get your classic car insurance quote, just provide your classic’s value, and then we can agree with you on a total payout number

Original Replacement Parts Coverage

If you have a claim, some policies offer stock original replacement parts when possible, and has specialists on hand to hunt down any rare or hard-to-find ones. And yes, original replacement parts coverage is automatically included at no extra cost with your classic or vintage car insurance policy.

Flexible Usage To Fully Enjoy Your Classic

The best collector car insurance lets you enjoy your ride the way you want. That’s why with some of our collector and classic car insurance policies, you have the freedom to take your ride to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, tours, and even occasional pleasure driving.

*Coverages and options may not be applicable to all carriers.

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