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Boat Insurance

We give you the freedom to boat wherever you’d like on any lake or river in the U.S., plus ocean waters within 75 miles of the coast. And, we drop the common requirements and restrictions other insurers may force on you, so you get the protection you need to get on the water right away.

With over 25 years of boat insurance experience, we know how to keep you afloat.


Types of Boat Insurance Coverage

Bass & Fishing Boats

Boats built specifically for fishing, with features like trolling motors, power polls, etc.

Pontoon Boats

Boats built on hollow metal cylancers for cruising on lakes and rivers.

Power Boats

The most popular type of boat, used for fishing, cruising, watersports, and more.

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

These include Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, WaveRunners and similar watercraft meant for one to three people.


Boats that use at least one sail for power, although they may also have a motor.

Customized and Affordable Boat Insurance*


Is your home, car, motorcycle, or RV insured with us? You could save even more on boat insurance if you have another Marshall Insurance policy.


You’ll earn a discount for having more than one watercraft on your policy.

Original Owner

One of the easiest ways to save! If you are the original owner of your watercraft, we may give you a discount.

Safety Course

Anyone can save. Just complete any state-approved safety course to save even more on your boat insurance policy.

Responsible Driver

If you have no watercraft or motor vehicle violations or accidents on your record for the last three years, you can significantly lower your boat insurance rate.

Original Owner

If you’re the original owner of your boat and your policy’s coverages include comprehensive and collision, you’ll receive a discount.


We’ll provide a discount for membership in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG) or United States Power Squadron (USPS). In most states, USAA members will also receive a discount.

Pay in Full

Get a discount just for paying your boat policy up front and in full.

Some of Our Coverages*

Sign & Glide® On-Water Towing

If you run out of gas or your boat breaks down on the water, this optional Sign & Glide® coverage pays for on-water towing, fuel delivery, soft ungroundings, and jump starts. We even arrange for the tow and pay the tow operator directly (in most cases).

Example: You run out of gas in the middle of a lake. If you added this protection, just call our dispatch center (number included on your policy card) or contact us through the Sign & Glide app. We’ll then deliver fuel and/or tow you to the nearest shore.

Full Replacement Cost

When your watercraft needs to be repaired, we always bring your boat back to its previous condition or better, and never depreciate the value of any of your parts.

Example: Four seats are damaged on your 10 year-old boat. They’re older and only worth $50 each, so some insurers may only give you $200 ($50 per seat). But, you need new ones that cost $250 each. We’ll pay the full $1,000 for all new seats. That’s an $800 difference!

Wreckage Removal & Fuel Spill

Wreckage removal and fuel spill coverages are automatically included in every Progressive boat insurance policy. If your boat sinks or you’re responsible for a fuel spill, we cover the bills all the way up to your policy’s property damage liability limits. We only remove your sunken boat if it’s legally required.

Example: Your old boat sinks while docked. The Coast Guard may require you to remove the wreckage and address any fuel spills. Just contact us to file the claim, and we cover the costs.

*Coverages and options may not be applicable to all carriers.

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