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“Change” isn’t usually at the top of the to-do list for small businesses who have been finding relative success for the past 20+ years.  If it’s not broke – don’t fix it, right?


The most successful organizations within our society today rarely rest on their laurels. Instead, it seems the largest and most successful businesses in our lives are often on the forefront of change and are always one-step ahead. In that same vein, the Marshall Insurance Services group of agencies has always put a premium on planning ahead and always remaining proactive, never reactive.   Embracing change is nothing new to us, however we thought an update would be appropriate.

The most notable change is the hiring of additional staff across all four of our locations. We’ve increased our number of employees by 20% over the last two years in response to not only our own growth but also our clients. Our new team-members are all younger than the industry average and we plan on that leading to longer lasting and more meaningful relationships with our communities and client

In Bradford, PA we outgrew our lovely home at 44 Bolivar Drive and have moved to our new location in Foster Brook.  Its bigger, brighter, more comfortable, and easier to access.  The central air is a nice perk as well ?

Internally, there has been significant investments in new technology and processes that will directly improve ease of doing business and the customer experience.  Some of these investments are very long-term in nature and are intended to make sure we are just as successful 10-20 years down the line as we are right now. This commitment to our community and our employees is something that we are very proud of, and we hope inspires other businesses in our area to do the same.There are so many other meaningful changes that we’ve made over the past year or two that we can’t mention them all.  The addition of new carrier partners, a partnership with ISU, a new approach to social media and community engagement are just the tip of the iceberg.

All of this is only possible through our amazing clients, friends, and families.  We thank all of them for their support and look forward to moving through the coming years with continued success.

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